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What can we say, SFMQ are just as smooth to work with as they are at running a quiz night! Ovolo Hotels Hong Kong has thoroughly enjoyed integrating with an equally energetic brand. It was obvious that there was a need for this type of mid-week activity in Hong Kong, and as soon as we launched, the people of HK snapped up the tickets in a matter of minutes. Each event is always well received and creates such a sense of love and appreciation for music, at the end of the day music is an international language. A big thanks to Ali and Al for making this collaboration work and for continuing to provide our guests with some absolute bangers. We can’t wait for this partnership to continue to thrive and for the love of quiz nights to grow in Hong Kong.

Josie Bristow (Asst Marketing Director Ovolo Hotels. Hong Kong)

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This is not any normal quiz that you pay for – it all set and ready for you to play. Very easy to get up and running. Sounds Familiar supply you with everything that you need to run the quiz – press play and off you go. Hosting is really straight forward with the instructions that have been supplied. We have had customers up on their feet each event and are now getting return custom. It goes down amazingly well! When the drinks start to flow it’s a fully-fledged party! Due to the nature of the event the spend per head for the guest at the quiz is a lot more than normal and once we get traction with it regularly, it will grow our sales and profits. If you want something that is high-energy and gets people on their feet singing at the top of their voices – Sounds Familiar is for you! Highly recommend the event.

Richard Callaghan (GM The Falcon, Clapham)

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